Yachts in Binalong Bay

© Martin Dockray 20th February 2017


Not long ago, here at Kingfisher Cottage one of our lucky guests, who happened to be on a holiday from the UK, and has a passion (and a talent) for photography was privileged to see this amazing view. He grabbed his camera and  took some fantastic photos, right from the deck of Kingfisher Cottage. Not all of the yachts are in the photo, but there were 21 yachts moored in Binalong Bay, whilst travelling as part of the Van Diemen’s Land Circumnavigation (VDL-C) Cruise. This is a well-established, world-class event. Since 1990, it has been conducted every two years or so by the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania. The event is a cruise-in-company involving an 800 nautical mile circumnavigation of Australia’s island state of Tasmania.

Even a SUP boarder joined in for the photograph!

A big thank you to Martin and Jane for sending me the photos.